Coconut Coir Multipurpose Brush




Not a dirty trick, but a plastic alternative – specifically for plastic brushes or scourer.

Stubborn dirt is just… stubborn. One solution is to clean it with a tough brush, AKA our coconut fiber multipurpose brush. It is deal to use as vegetable brush, kitchen scourer, bathroom cleaning brush, and gardening brush.

Now here’s for green-minded peeps: Our multipurpose brush is made of coconut fiber wrapped around a stainless steel wire – JSYK, coir is a natural fiber extracted from between the hard internal shell of the coconut and the outer coat of the coconut. Plus, the bristles are naturally antibacterial, recyclable, biodegradable, and free from any toxic chemicals.


Based from our inch-perfect measurement from base to top of the brush, its length is 9.5 inches, AKA 24cm.


Cleaning your coconut coir multipurpose brush is easier than your skincare routine. All you have to do is to rinse it after use and hang to dry. On first few uses you may notice some loose fibres or ‘dust’ but this will reduce over time.

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