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Dark Cocoa Cashew Butter
Dark Cocoa Cashew Butter

    Dark Cocoa Cashew Butter

      Product Recommendation

      The Dark Cocoa Cashew Butter is recommended to anyone, who opt for a plant-based diet, who are looking for nut butters that are made of healthy ingredients, and those who craves for flavoured cashew butters that aren't too sweet and just as right for their daily intake. 

      Nutritional Profile of Dark Cocoa Cashew Butter

      ✓Gluten Free
      ✓Sugar Free
      ✓Low Carb
      ✓Dairy Free

      How to use Dark Cocoa Cashew Butter
      Serving size :  1 Tbsp / 13g

      How to use Dark Cocoa Cashew Butter?
      1. Dip for fruits
      2. Add in oatmeal
      3. Blend in smoothies
      4. Put on Hot Chocolate
      5. Bake into cakes, cookies and pastries

      Fun Fact!
      Why Cashews? 
      Aside from the fact that it tastes yummy, eating it regularly offers you several health benefits:
      1. A Good Source Of Magnesium:
      2. Less Fat Laden Than Other Butter Types
      3. Source Of Protein
      4. Source Of Iron And Selenium
      5. Important For Cardiac Health
      6. Helps Thwart Diabetes
      7. Reduces Risk Of Gallbladder Stones

      Roasted Cashews, Dark Cocoa, Virgin Coconut Oil, Stevia, Pink Himalayan Salt

      Shelf Life
      Pantry: 6 Months
      Chiller: 12 Months

      Our products are made to order and are done in small batches to maintain freshness and quality.