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Oolong Loose Tea
Oolong Tea

    Oolong Loose Tea

      Do you want to satisfy your cravings of loose tea? Look no further and try our Oolong Loose Tea!

      Our Oolong Loose Tea is made from sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients to ensure that with each purchase you can satisfy that craving and you can get that amount of tea that will last for a while so you can keep yourself safe and comfortable at your homes. The features of our Oolong Loose Tea are listed below:
      • All natural, includes caffeine Oolong Tea
      • Loose leaf tea is the perfect alternative to your tea bags that contain microplastic
      • Caffeine free, good for cold brew 
      • Fine cut leaves that consists of peach, rose buds and orange peel
      • Instructions: Use 1-2 tsp and steep in hot water. Wait for 3-5 mins for more flavor. Add honey to adjust taste.