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    Luxury Linen & Room Sprays

      Create the perfect ambiance with Alexander Fragrance Room and Linen spray! Formulated with natural and high quality fragrance oil, our room sprays are a great way to freshen up and add a boost of fragrance to your home. Recommend Placement: Bedroom, Living Room, Office 
      • All-natural, Phthalate-free, Cruelty-free.

      • Locally made in Bulacan 

      • Longevity: 2 hours or more

      • Size: 250ml

      • Refreshing, uplifting, relaxing, invigorating, luxury fragrance sprays for your home.

      Ingredients: sugarcane extract (alcohol), dipropylene glycol, anti-bacterial essential/fragrance oils, purified water.
      • Pure Caribbean (best-seller) - "hotel scent", light floral, powdery 
      • Fresh Bamboo - refreshing, relaxing, rainforest fresh bamboo
      • Nectarine & Honey - sweet, fruity, floral
      • Green Tea - light , green, floral, calming 
      • Olive - floral, aromatic, green, herbal
      • Pear and Freesia - sweet, fruity, floral
      • Ginger Lily- warm, oriental, floral 
      • Lavender Eucalyptus - relaxing, lavender, refreshing
      • White Tea and Freesia - elegant, floral, calming, 


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