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Some slow and small batch finds for the little folk in your life. These pieces are uniquely handmade by local designers and makers.

Waterbaby Reversible Swimsuit - Mango Float


Waterbaby Reversible Swimsuit - Mint & Cream


3 Ply Washable and Adjustable Earloop Masks


Flamingo in Paradise Family Twinning Swimwear


Sibay in Red Mommy & Daughter Twinning Swimsuit


Glam in Black Family Twinning Swimwear


Stay Put Divided Plate


Sili Domino Set


Rainbow Stacking Tower


Sibay in Black Mommy & Daughter Swimsuit


Rainbow Mermaid Mommy & Daughter Swimsuit


Glam in Pink Mommy & Daughter Twinning Swimsuit


Little Weaver's Weaving Kit


Paradise Palms Family Twinning Swimwear


Island Palms Family Twinning Swimwear


Tropicana Mommy & Daughter Twinning


Weave-It-Yourself: Round Weaving Kit


Dry Goods Toy Set


Gulayan Toy Set


Something Fishy Toy Set


Sinag Toy Set


Orange Zest Family Twinning Swimwear


Bubble Set for Girls


Tali Dress Reversible in Peanut Butter


Sapin Sapin Dress


Raylene Jumpsuit


The Laso Dress


Sitara Dress