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Some slow and small batch finds for the little folk in your life. These pieces are uniquely handmade by local designers and makers.

Aspin Puppy Plushie


Black Cat Plushie


Corgi Puppy


Fluffy Spaniel Plushie


Labrador Puppy Plushie


Stay Put Divided Plate


Single Layer Toddler Blanket


Pig Plushie


Tropical Leaves Swaddle Blanket


Cat Swaddle Blanket


Frenchie Swaddle Blanket


Tala Kid's Hat


Tala Kid's Bag


Affirmation Poem Cards for Kids


Westie Puppy Plushie


Toucan Plushie


Sheep in a Sweater Plushie


Giraffe Plushie


Shero Plushie


Rottie Puppy Plushie


Narwhal Plushies


Fox Pillow


Small Dolphin Plushie