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Some slow and small batch finds for the little folk in your life. These pieces are uniquely handmade by local designers and makers.

Aspin Puppy Plushie


Black Cat Plushie


Corgi Puppy


Fluffy Spaniel Plushie


Labrador Puppy Plushie


Mini Explorer Backpack Basket


Little Foodie Picnic Basket


Wonder Cart


Natural Stacking Stones


Natural Stacking Blocks


Square Stacker


Rainbow Stacking Tower


Sili Domino Set


Stay Put Divided Plate


Macrame Amihan Tassel


Macrame Colored Gubat


Rainbow Macrame Cradle Toy


Macrame Klawdnayn Tassel


Rattan House Bag with Sling


Macrame Nursery Mobile


Wooden Baby Gym with Premium Crochet Hanging Toys


Rattan Trolley or Luggy


Seven Tier Canvas Book Rack


Bed-time Buddy Pillow


Double Layer Baby Blanket


Single Layer Toddler Blanket


Bailey Puppy Plushie


Pig Plushie