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Self Care

These personal care pieces are uniquely handmade by local designers and makers. Enjoy a range of products -- from Shampoo Bars, Make Up, Perfume, and Essential Oils.

Eau de Parfum


Sustainable Shampoo Bars


Handmade Conditioner Bars


Moon Soap & Moon Shampoo Bar


Handmade Body Bars


Plastic-free Hair Ties


Soap Saver


Sustainable Conditioner Bars


All-Natural Deodorant


Scented Anti-bacterial Alcospray


Gugo Shampoo & Conditioner


Reusable Swabs


Body Scrubs and Body Butter


Reusable Facial Rounds


Bath Soak & Scrub


Eau de Parfum for Men


Unscented Coconut Soap Bar


Goat Milk Soap Bar


Artisan Soaps


Sacred Sprays


Unscented Repair Conditioner


Scented Anti-bacterial Sanitizer


Face & Body Artisan Bar


Shampoo Bars


Unscented Coconut Milk Shampoo


Rejuvenating Soap