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Coffee Buddy offers 13 coffee variants you can choose from and these are the following:

Benguet is a dark roast; Mixed Robusta & Excelsa. It is very aromatic and moderately acidic, bitter in taste. It’s bitter taste rejuvenates a persons tired body. It is good anytime of the day which works to stimulate ones senses for travelers. It is a must to sip Benguet coffee to maintain alertness.
Barako is a medium roast; Mixed Robusta & Excelsa. It has a strong taste, and has a distinctively pungent aroma.
Robusta Dark has less acid-content compared to Robusta Medium. Robusta coffee has become popular because if its organic production, making it one of the favorites of coffee lovers local and international. Coffee lovers prefer Kalinga coffee because of its acclaimed aroma and blend. It is high in caffeine content which is a stimulant for sleeping.
Arabica (Sagada) Dark & Medium coffee is a pure highland arabica grown in the mountains of Sagada of the Northern Philippines. Arabica Dark Roast has a pronounced bitterness, while Arabica Medium Roast has a slight bittersweet aftertaste. The darker the roast the less acidity will be found in the beverage.
Espresso is an arabica-robusta-excelsa blend; bold, heavy body with well-rounded rich finish.
Hazelnut is a dark roast coffee, more of arabica with hints of robusta; a mellow, classic nutty flavor.
Mocha is medium roast; slightly sweet, soft with cholocate hints
Vanilla is an arabica-robusta medium roast coffee that is velvety, smooth and creamy with vanilla and citrus notes.
Butterscotch is an arabica-robusta medium roast coffee with rich and buttery candy flavor taste.
Caramel is a medium roast coffee that has smooth balanced caramelized flavor with hints of sweetness.
Macadamia is a dark roast coffee (arabica with hints of robusta) that has a rich taste of sweet chocolate with buttery and nutty aroma.

General Details:
• 500grams
• Guaranteed fresh (Roast Dates are always included on the packaging)
• Can be brewed through french press, coffee maker, espresso machine, etc.

Disclaimer: Our coffees are locally sourced from the North and Cordillera Region

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