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A5 Undated Refillable Traveler's Notebook




Before Farmville, Candy Crush, and DOTA, there was a time when a game meant meeting a group of friends, imagination, and a willingness to go outside and run under the sun. These were the days when “interactivity" actually meant tagging your playmates and technology was limited to sticks, slippers, and tin cans. The new series of Jacinto & Lirio planners are inspired by the traditional Filipino games we used to play as children. These games evoke memories of camaraderie, laughter, role-playing and fun after school. It reminds us of simpler times and friendships formed during playtime. More than the design, this planner has value-added uses that can be customized to fit your lifestyle. Laro Vegan Personalized Planner will always remind you of fun, laughter, and play. 

REMOVABLE POUCH FOR: Mobile, cord, keys, money, power bank, additional 4 card holders and 2 flaps for papers.

BUILT -IN GOLD BOOKMARK: The built - in bookmark allows you to mark those important details you need to keep or gives ease to return to the page of your planner where you left off. The integrated feature of the bookmark removes your worries on losing your bookmark.

DATELESS MONTHLY AND WEEKLY PLANNER: Keep your plans organized without the need to waste space by skipping dates that have no events with this vegan leather planner that’s undated, giving you more control in planning where you can start and stop whenever.

VEGAN -LEATHER: The cover is made of water hyacinth plant leather, which is a good conversation starter! No animal was harmed in the process of manufacturing our products.

ECO -FRIENDLY: These days, being environment - friendly are now a major consideration apart from being practical for the average consumer. Our brand uses sustainably harvested water hyacinths that are polluting bodies of water in different local communities.

CUSTOMIZABLE: Paint on the water hyacinth portions using acrylic paint of watercolor after applying a primer, draw using permanent markers or have your name engraved or printed for a more customized look.

WATER RESISTANT: Our vegan leather is waterproof! Makes accidental spillage over your refill cover a bit more bearable since it won’t soak into the material. Just wipe it off with fabric.

- Laser etched water hyacinth plant leader covers and inside accents
- Garter cord for refills
- Stretchable pen holder to fit any pen size
- Golden twine bookmark
- Leatherette spine and piping
- Fabric lining and pouch
- Fine mesh ID slots to prevent color transfer of ID printing to materials which usually happens with plastic ID covers
- Garter closure 

Laro Set Item Contents:
-  1pc Laro Planner Sleeve
- 1pc A5 Dateless Planner
- 1pc Zipped Pouch

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