All-Natural Fogging Solution




All-Natural Fogging Solution is a powerful disinfectant fog solution that eliminates odors and kills bacteria, molds, and other harmful microorganisms with high fog conversion! A safer plant-based alternative to commercial aerosol sprays in the market. It is safe for pets, humans, and on any surface and material too! This solution is applicable to all types of fogging machines and suitable for disinfecting households, office spaces, vehicles, warehouses, hospitals, and restaurants. 




• All-Natural

• Kills 99.9% Microbes (Laboratory tested ingredient)

• Ready to use• Eliminates odor

• Improves air quality

• Penetrates hard to reach areas

• Can reach high ceiling rooms

• Breathable

• Safe on any surface and material (Non-corrosive and Non-staining)

• Safe for pets, humans, and food

• Non-toxic, Non-hazardous

• High fog conversion

• Active for several hours once applied

• No Paraben or Sulfate

• No Bleach or Ammonia


Ingredients: Fruit Extract, Pine Tar, Mono-distilled, Water, Sodium Chloride (Salt), Fruit Emener Enzyme 

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