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    Travel Size Anywhere Mist


      Make your house fragrant and free from dusts with our Travel Size Anywhere Mist.

      Made with sustainable items that are environment friendly that can disperse scents constantly to ensure that places sprayed will be free from bacteria at the same time provide an aromatic scent.

      Nature-inspired scents and fragrances for your homes. Made in small batches from the Philippines with non-toxic ingredients.

      This travel size anywhere mist is perfect for customers who want a fragrant bathroom, closet, and guest rooms without the need to use candles at the same time be able to carry a room & linen spray on the go or anywhere at home.

        • Spray on soft furnishings like bed linens, pillows, carpets, and sofa to freshen between washes

        • Spray in the car

        • Spray inside the closet to keep clothes fresh

        • 100ml