Shy no more! Our underarm spray lightens underarms, minimizes chicken skin, and promotes thinner and slower hair growth. Can be used as a perfect after-shave spray to soothe inflammations caused by friction and prevent darkening of the armpits caused by irritations. BENEFITS: 🍂 smoothens underarm (and even legs) 🍂 super gentle and made only with plant hydrosols combined with a plant extract that softens the skin 🍂 thinner hair even after shaving or waxing 🍂 softens your skin after you’ve shaved or waxed 🍂 anti-inflammatory and antibacterial plant extracts that help kill bacteria or toxins after a shave or wax 🍂 helps protect the skin from bacteria getting into cuts while also retaining skin moisture Ingredients: rosewater, aloe vera extract, chamomile extract, neem extract, witch hazel extract, white peony extract, tomato extract, banana extract Use two times a day, especially after shaving. Please consume within 6 months upon purchase. Keep refrigerated to extend shelf life up to 8 months.

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