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Brad's Krispy Kamote




Brad's Krispy Kamote: Metro Manila's Locally Made, Small-Batch Treat đŸ‡”đŸ‡­Experience the freshness and care that goes into every bite of Brad's Krispy Kamote! We use locally-sourced sweet potatoes and handcraft them in small batches right here in Metro Manila.This unique approach ensures: Peak flavor and quality: From farm to fryer, we maintain control over every step, resulting in exceptionally crispy and flavorful kamote chips. Supporting local communities: We believe in empowering local farmers and supporting the vibrant Metro Manila community. Freshness guaranteed: Made in small batches, our kamote chips deliver unmatched freshness and deliciousness in every bag. Indulge in the taste of homegrown goodness and support local with Brad's Krispy Kamote!

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