Fluffy Butt

Coco Loco Organic VCO for Pets




  • 250mL
  • Safe for cats too
  • For pets 16 weeks and up
  • Natural, lick-safe, human-grade
  • Cold-pressed & certified organic
  • Add to your furbaby's meals for improved appetite, digestion, coat/skin
  • Superfood to improve the immune system
  • As meal supplement: Start with 1-2 pumps in every other meal, gradually increasing to 3-6 pumps in every meal.
  • For more ideas, check out #CocoLocoTreats on Instagram
  • For pets with pre-existing health conditions, consult your vet before introducing anything new to their diet
  • Apply directly before baths for more immediate improvement in your furbaby's skin/fur
  • As pre-bath deep conditioner: Apply to your furbaby's paws & fur before bath time. Let it sit for a few minutes - for best results, put on the cone of shame to maximize absorption (but safe even if licked). Use shampoo that lathers well to thoroughly remove oil after.
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