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Slip-on Linen Dress
Slip-on Linen Dress

    Slip-on Linen Dress

      Khaki slip-on linen dress for any kind of occasion.
      The long and natural drapes of this dress creates a natural and casual silhouette that's perfect for various kinds of events both outdoor and indoor. Available in size medium.

          Chest 30”
          Bust 34”
          Waist 36”
          Hips 42”
          Length 36.5”


          Chest 31.5”
          Bust 36”
          Waist 38”
          Hips 44”
          Length 36.5”


          Chest 32.5”
          Bust 38”
          Waist 40”
          Hips 46”
          Length 36.5”

          Strap 14”
          Slit 21”

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