Dressing Up Makes Me Happy in Pink T'boli




The plain colored top combined with the hand-beaded pattern provides a simple elegant look.

Our T'Boli Resort Wear Collection is hand beaded by a team of 30 senior tribe members of the T'Boli Tribe of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. The T'boli indigenous people believe that the patterns of the T’nalak are bestowed upon chosen women by Fu Dalu, the goddess of abaca. These women, often led by their ancestors, dream of the sacred patterns that they then transform into the textile. These bead patterns are specific to the T’boli tribe. Purchasing this T’boli heritage means supporting their tradition and culture and helping the T’boli community thrive.

Material: Linen


Chest - 38"

Height Shoulder to Waist- 24"

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