CAFFEINE-FREE MADE WITH CHINESE & AYURVEDIC HERBS GET ENERGY WITH NO PALPITATIONS Always feel tired? Feeling stuck and feeling of heaviness in the body, head, or limbs? Does it feel heavy to move around? Do you feel like you don't have an appetite? Notice that stools are either loose or semi-solid? Do you feel like you are not eating much but gaining unwanted weight too? Our Energia Tonic Multi-Use Superfood is great for those who have a weak stomach/spleen and feels frequently tired, sluggish, groggy, with loose stools, easily bruised skin, obesity, chronic sinusitis, constant worrying, and lack of focus and mental stamina. Chewing and chewing on the same piece of information over and over, without being able to swallow and digest it may indicate that your stomach and spleen are weak, Bonus: It also helps circulate energy, and improve metabolism to avoid unwanted weight gain! Eating fast, drinking cold drinks, overconsumption of cold foods, overeating, eating late, and eating too much dry baked goods like bread can all weaken the stomach. This tea supports a happy, healthy tummy for better metabolism, helps with weight loss, improves appetite, and lessens fatigue. It gives you energy, metabolism, and good mental function that can help you have a more vibrant, energetic, and happy life. Together with nutritious food and exercise, you will notice more energy to do more. You will have more vitality and more zest for life! NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS. This tea is not a replacement for rest, exercise, and a blood-nourishing diet. NOTE: STORE IN THE REFRIGERATOR AND CONSUME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. OPTIONS HOW TO TAKE:

1. Drink
- Steep 1 bag with 1.5-2 cups of hot water for 5 minutes. Drink warm.
2. Porridge
-Porridge: Stew 1 bag with 2 cups of liquid, ⅓ cup of grain, fresh produce of choice.
3. Soup
-Soup: Cook 1 bags with 4 cups of stock, protein with bones and/or vegetables of choice, and preferred seasoning.
BEST TIME TO DRINK THIS TEA: MORNING after breakfast or LUNCH. Drink once a day. CONTRAINDICATION: Not for pregnant women. May interact with antibiotics, diabetes drugs, blood thinners, heart medicines, and other medications. HEALTH TIPS for more energy: Eat until you’re about 70 percent full. 80 percent works, too, if that roast chicken is especially tasty today. Sleep early to strengthen more blood & wake up early. 10 pm is a good time to sleep. Get morning sun, it will help make you feel good! Exercise and release stagnant energy. Pay attention to breathing and posture while eating. In other words, as often as possible, try to sit down (your car doesn’t count), breathe, and chew your food. Taste it! Avoid cold drinks, raw foods like salad, and pressed veggie/fruit juices. Lessen consumption of salads, ice cream, cheese, milk, cream, and other dairy products. Eat more warming soups with your meals. Limit spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, lamb, beef, and trout.

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