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Fine Fragrance Mist

    Fine Fragrance Mist


      Our Fragrance Mist has a light, subtle but buildable scent. The scent lasts for about 3-4 hours but spraying another layer won't be overpowering. It has a balance blend of aqua and perfumed grade alcohol hence, it can be applied even on clothing.

      Size: 100 ml (light plastic amber colored bottle)


      POSH is a floral blend of chamomile and water lilly with a hint of pear and woodsy aromatics. A classy scent that will surely make you become a head-turner

      BLACK is a blend of Mandarin Orange, Vetviver &  Amberwood. A scent inspired Hypnos, the Greek God of Sleep who is masculine but with a gentle and calm personality

      BLISS is a blend of woodsy aromatics with a hint of floral notes. A fresh & Joyous scent and is also unisex

      FLIRTY is a blend of sweet scents of vanilla, cotton candy and floral notes. Embracing a playful yet gorgeous personality

      RAVE is a blend of musk, sweet scent of citrus fruits and a dash of lavender. This scent will bring you back to your night out and party memories.