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    All-Natural Granola Bars

      Have you ever wanted to fulfill your cravings of Granola Bars? Well look no further and satisfy that craving with our All-Natural Granola Bars!

      This Granola Bar is gluten-free and made with sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients to ensure that you can satisfy your snack cravings while living a healthy lifestyle.
      • Made with all-natural ingredients
      • No Preservatives
      • 100 % Local
      • 40 grams

      Available in the following variants:

      • Choco Peanut Butter
      • Cashew Butter
      • Almond Butter
      • Dark Chocolate
      • Coco Mango 

      You can also send this as part of the Relief Bundles that you can donate to the front-liners fighting the COVID-19 virus.