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Holga Classic Film Camera


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The camera is provided with two different film size masks -16 shots for 6x4.5cm size and 12 shots for 6x6cm size. ( A mask is included which you can either put inside the camera or remove. This will allow you to choose whether you want your photos square or in the landscape format. Square is the more common size for this camera.)

Our Camera is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials to ensure that with each purchase you can support our local communities and be able to take photos of memories that are worth keeping and treasuring.

  • No batteries are needed to operate the camera.
  • Although the camera is basically a fixed focus camera, it still offers four choices of object distances - 1 person (1meter), 3 person (2meters), several persons (6meters), or mountain (10meters).
  • Two choices of apertures are available for selection - sunny and cloudy.
  • The camera can be mounted on a tripod and flash can be added.
Film Format 120
Model Name: Holga 120N Plastic Medium Format Camera – Black
Product Details:


  • 2 film masks for either 12- 6x6 cm images or 16- 6x4.5cm images
  • Shutter Speeds: (N)ormal - 1/100s; (B)ulb - Holds Shutter Open
  • Apertures: SUNNY - f/11; SHADE/FLASH - f/8
  • Hot shoe adapter, Standard Tripod Mount (1/4-20), Uses 120 medium format film
  • Lens cap, Strap

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