Kapwa Doll- Manobo




  • The Manobo are wide spread ethnic groups of the Philippines around the areas of Sarangani island and the provinces of Agusan del Sur, Davao provinces, ukidnon and North and South Cotabato.
  • The Manobo Warrior traditionally wear the binukad, a typical Manobo jacket that is short, square cut and long sleeves. Typical decorative colors are red, yellow, white and blue. The jacket is paired with trousers called sawa or sawal right below the knees. A piece of cloth hangs on the waist. A turban called tubao which usually comes in colors red, green, yellow, black or a combination is knotted in front.
  • Men also wear leg bands called tikes/tikkos tied tightly to strengthen the muscles. The warrior carries a round concave piece of brass called the lemina.

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