Larong Pinoy Salad Plate Set


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Our Larong Pinoy salad plates are illustrated by Kora Dandan Albano, a Filipino painter and children’s book illustrator.  Her work explores the world of childhood enchantments and gives a sense of child-like innocence that evoke a feeling of delight and nostalgia.  It takes us back to a place and time when life was magical, gentle and pure.

Our Larong Pinoy series features the games we used to play as a child such as Piko, Patintero, Jackstones and Limbo Rock. 


* 4 pcs  8" salad plates

Material : Bone China

We do 100% quality check of all products.  However, natural markings such as small blemishes or minor scratches may be possible in a few items.  This is mainly because our items are handmade by artisans and these minor defects are natural characteristics of the products.



- Hand wash only

- Use a mild dishwashing liquid and soft sponge when washing

- Avoid using scouring pads and abrasive detergents

- Dishwasher and dish dryer safe

- Microwave safe



NOTE:  Due to different monitors , picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.



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