The Art of Yarn

(PRE-ORDER) Little Weaver's Weaving Kit




Introduce the art of weaving to your future little weavers. This kit is best for ages 8 years old and up! Each kit is complete with beginner-friendly tools and materials that will help your child appreciate the slow practice of weaving. All looms are warped and ready for weaving!

What's in the weave-it-yourself kit for little weavers?
  • 9x10in Square Loom
  • 2 Yarn Skeins
  • Safety Scissors
  • Plastic Needles
  • Bamboo Comb
  • Wooden rod for hanging project
  • Access to the online guide
  • EXTRA GIFT: Little Weavers pin
Important note: The weaving loom frames are made to order. Kindly allow 5-7 days of making and another 3-5 days for shipping. 

The looms are handmade by a small-batch woodworker. The kit is specially curated for kids as the first-ever weaving kit that can allow them to learn and appreciate the art of weaving at an early age. The color of yarns included can be requested, just add it to your order notes, and I'll try my best to send the best color available on-hand.

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