This herbal tonic has a magical effect in reducing anxiety and helps in relaxing your body and mind. This is very good to help you in reducing stress, improves the quality the sleep, relieving irritability, inducing a moment of calm, and reducing the negative side-effects of caffeine This Mind Unwind Tonic is good for those with ANXIETY manifesting with RACING THOUGHTS, PALPITATIONS, INSOMNIA, DREAM-DISTURBED SLEEP, IRRITABILITY, AND WEAKNESS. This tonic can be a great way to introduce a little moment of zen into your daily routine. It helps soothe the nerves and promotes relaxation and well-being. This tonic nourishes blood and fluids to calm the mind and bring back balance to the body. THIS TONIC IS FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE: -anxious and restlessness -palpitations or feeling of the heart beating, esp upon exertion -insomnia, hard to sleep or keeps on waking up -racing thoughts, too many thoughts -dreaminess/dream-disturbed sleep -feels tired, weak, and fatigue easily -inability to concentrate, poor mental function, and easily irritable MULTI-PURPOSE SUPERFOOD TONIC

1. Drink
- Steep 1 bag with 1.5-2 cups of hot water for 5 minutes. Drink warm.
2. Porridge
-Porridge: Stew 1 bag with 2 cups of liquid, ⅓ cup of grain, fresh produce of choice.
3. Soup
-Soup: Cook 1 bags with 4 cups of stock, protein with bones and/or vegetables of choice, and preferred seasoning. BEST TIME TO DRINK THIS TONIC: 1-2 hrs before bedtime or after a frustrating moment. Drink once a day.

NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS. CONTRAINDICATION: Not for pregnant women. If taking western medications, please consult with us before taking this tea. #anxiety #palpitations #relaxing #antianxiety #tea #herbaltea

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