Sarimanok Dinnerware Bundle


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Sarimanok comes from the words "sari" meaning cloth or garment of assorted color and "manok" which means rooster in the Philippines.

Our interpretation of the legendary Sarimanok is in blue and white but it is often depicted with its striking and colorful feathers, scroll, leaf and other motifs on its head, and by the fish it has on its talons, or in its beak.

It is highly revered by Maranaos from Mindanao island in Southern Philippines and is an important part of their cultural heritage.  It is found in designs in architecture, art, decor and even in rituals, dances and festivals of Maranaos.


Set includes:

  * 4 pcs 10" dinner plates

  * 4 pcs 8" salad plates

  * 4 pcs 6" soup bowls

Material : Bone China

We do 100% quality check of all products.  However, natural markings such as small blemishes or minor scratches may be possible in a few items.  This is mainly because our items are handmade by artisans and these minor defects are natural characteristics of the products.


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