Sayawal (Mid-Length Skirt)


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Make your every day casual wear more sustainable with the Sayawal High-low Skirt made of recycled flour sacks. It adds a rustic touch to the modern high-low skirt design with its original flour sack print and weave.
Each piece is unique in design and style and are handmade by our lovely local artisans. By nature, they have imperfections: some prints are faded, textures of the cloth vary depending on the flour sack used, colors and designs can be inaccurate. Yet the beauty of these handmade pieces is that they're kind on the earth.

Choose slow fashion, sustainable clothing with these pieces.
  • Material: Katsa or Flour Bags
  • Handmade by small local communities
  • Each design is unique
Note: To know the availability of our flour sack prints, contact us at or through our socials @frankiegeneralstore.

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