Weight gain is not just a beauty problem. It is an internal weakness combined with a lot of mucus and dampness. Sluggishness, oily skin, nasal drips, acne, loose stools, and other discharges are signs of damp accumulation. The poor appetite esp in the morning, tiredness, weakness, shortness of breath, and other symptoms of malnourishment like palpitations, dizziness, brain fog, and poor memory are all signs of a WEAKENED STOMACH AND DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Simply fasting, taking a diuretic or weight-loss pills, extensive cardio, and skipping meals won't be able to fix this problem. Weight gain means the organs are not nourished. That is why it is not working well. That is why it makes the food you eat into FAT NOT ENERGY. To lose weight, it is essential to strengthen the digestive system so it can convert food into energy. Why? So you can eat but you are not sluggish and bloated. You can eat and you are very energized and filled with life. That is what food is all about. Food is fuel! You don't cut food and good carbohydrates out of your life. Strengthen and Slim tea is an option for those who want to lose weight without weakening their organs. You can eat so you can start nourishing your body again. A weak digestive system can severely weaken your organs. Organs are fed with mucus and dampness instead of qi, blood, nutrients, and energy. Organs can't eat mucus. This tea strengthens the digestive system so you can get more energy, qi, and blood. More energy to power your heart, more energy to power your lungs, and more energy to power your life. It also helps clean up the dampness and mucus accumulating in the body. TAKE NOTE: WEIGHT LOSS takes time. You have to be patient with your body. It will take a while to start noticing the effects. This tea focuses on strengthening first before you lose weight. BENEFITS: 1. Improves digestion so you can use the energy to improve your metabolism. 2. You'll feel lighter, less sluggish, and have more energy to exercise and be more active. 3. You'll have more energy to feel more confident about your body, no matter what weight you are. 4. It will help remove damp, mucus, toxins, and other accumulations your body no longer needs 5. It helps decrease internal inflammation as the dampness and mucus are slowly expelled out of the body 6. It helps detoxify the liver, stomach, colon, lungs, and other organs All these herbs promote healthy and glowing skin as well! NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS. Please consult with us before taking this tea. Caution: Not for breastfeeding and lactating women and anyone taking immunosuppressants, blood thinners, and other medications. Drink this tea 1hr before or after meal. TIPS FOR LOSING WEIGHT: 1. Watch our Weight loss class 2. Eat more bitter and sour foods 3. Avoid cold drinks and raw foods/smoothies. Steam or boil the veggies before consumption. 4. Eat more soups. 4. Avoid damp and mucus-forming foods like fried foods, processed foods, dairy, etc

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