Poor blood circulation in the reproductive area can disrupt the functions of the liver, ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes, and affect the whole body. Stagnation of blood means that the blood is not flowing or circulating as optimally as it could. It is considered to be one of the major causes of blood clots & stabbing pain during periods. Causes of BLOOD STAGNATION: 1. Too much or too little of something can cause an imbalance in our body. Too little nutrients, too much sugar, too little sleep, and too much alcohol, can damage our cells and impair function. This too much or too little can combine with heat, cold, dampness, tension, and stress. Eventually, it leads to blood stagnation. 2. Lack of movement & excessive sitting down decrease the circulation of blood. Together with other causes, it can eventually lead to stagnation of blood. 3. Trauma, such as intra-abdominal surgery, IUDs, abortions, and certain birth control pills in some women. 4. Intercourse during menstruation. 5. Intake of cold drinks and raw fruits and vegetables esp during menstruation. Cold foods include anything eaten chilled, frozen, and cold. 6. Excessive tension, anger, and stress tighten up the blood vessels. If angry esp during the period, it can also cause tightening of the blood vessels in the reproductive area, eventually causing blood to stagnate. The signs and symptoms: stabbing, sharp, fixed, and lancinating pain, clots in the menstrual discharge, the relief of pain after passing of clots, prominent blue, varicose veins on the lower abdomen, possible hemorrhoids or varicose veins on the legs, poking pain with intercourse. SUPERWOMAN TONIC MULTI-USE SUPERFOOD BAG helps improve blood circulation in the reproductive area to help ease cramps due to blood stagnation. BENEFITS: 1. Gently softens masses and fibroids due to blood stasis 2. Helps improve microcirculation in the reproductive system 3. Helps regulate menses due to stuck blood like endometriosis, fibroids, etc 4. It also helps tonify and harmonizes the blood 5. Helps to move stuck qi, alleviates stabbing pains, and treats headaches esp due to poor blood flow NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS. PLEASE CONSULT WITH US BEFORE TAKING THIS
TONIC. BEST TIME TO DRINK THIS TONIC: 1hr after the meal. If there are blood clots, drink during period. Contraindications: Contraindicated during pregnancy and in cases that involve excessive menstrual bleeding. Contraindicated for people with a weak constitution or who are debilitated. Contraindicated in cases with bleeding diathesis or any active hemorrhagic disorder. It may interfere with medications such as blood thinners.

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