The Unbranded Skincare Co.

The Unbranded Cleansing Wash 100mL




Cleanse + Correct

Hardworking without being harsh. The Unbranded Cleansing Wash is specially designed to lift dirt, grease, and grime while still leaving skin bouncing with moisture and visible clarity. It’s made with Squalene sourced from olives that actively restores lipidic barriers in your skin which other cleansers and soaps normally destroy. This allows your skin to store moisture better, keeping it clear and refreshed instead of tight, dry, and scaly. Our Cleansing Wash formulation is so mild it won’t irritate your eyes in case of contact, and will not lead to clogging of pores or the formation of comedones. This is exactly the kind of pampering you need to face any kind of day.

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