T'nalak Dinner and Salad Plate Set


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The T'nalak is a traditional cloth woven by hand from abaca fibers and are tie-dyed from roots, barks and plants.  It is indigenous to the T'boli people of South Cotabato in Mindanao island of the Philippines.  The T'boli women do not create designs from drawn patters, but from ornate patterns and designs they see in their dreams.  Thus, women weavers are called "dreamweavers" 

Set includes:

  * 4 pcs 10" dinner plates

  * 4 pcs 8" salad plates

Material : Bone China

We do 100% quality check of all products.  However, natural markings such as small blemishes or minor scratches may be possible in a few items.  This is mainly because our items are handmade by artisans and these minor defects are natural characteristics of the products.



- Hand wash only

- Use a mild dishwashing liquid and soft sponge when washing

- Avoid using scouring pads and abrasive detergents

- Do not use dishwasher and dish dryer

- Do not microwave


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