Chiquita Horchata

Vegan Almond Milk




Are you looking for some almond milk in Manila with vegan ingredients? Well look no further because our Vegan Almond Milk is here to ensure that you get that healthy & milky drink that you are looking for!

Vegan Almond Milk  is a milky drink made from sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients that ensures that with every purchase, you can support our local communities at the same time get that drink that you are craving for.
  • Homemade in small batches
  • Rice soaked for 10 hours 
  • Enjoy on its own, mix with brewed coffee for instant Dirty Horchata, or incorporate in your favorite desserts
  • Made with all-vegan ingredients: cinnamon, rice, almond milk, organic rice syrup, water
  • Also a great option for those who love almond milk

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