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Vintage Music Keychains


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Are you looking for a music box that is small and handy? Well, look no further and purchase one of our Vintage Music Keychains!

Our Vintage Music Keychains is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials to ensure that with each purchase you can support our local communities and be able to take have a music box that plays a beautiful tone.

The material used for the packaging of the keychain is thick cardboard. It is not waterproof/water resistant. Proper care for the keychain is required to maintain its quality. It is advised that you keep the keychain inside your bag when it rains or during heavy activities to avoid damaging the packaging, as well as the music movement inside. 

  • Handcrafted mechanical music keychain.
  • Perfect to use when you need to wind down, relax or when you are feeling nostalgic.

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