Alexander Fragrance

Luxury Aroma Oil Water Soluble




Make your home more inviting with our Alexander Fragrance Luxury Water-Soluble Aroma Oil.  Created specially for machine diffusers, add a cap of our quality blends of oil to your humidifier to liven up and add ambience to your rooms 
  • Water-soluble, Water-based.
  • For air purifier, humidifier and atomizer machines.
  • Pure Oil, Alcohol-free.
  • It purifies, invigorates, refreshes and gives your home a cleaner, fresher and elegant feel.
  • Locally made in the Philippines
  • Available Size : 100ml

Quick Scent Guide: 
  • Fresh Bamboo - refreshing, relaxing, rainforest fresh bamboo
  • Pear and Freesia - sweet, fruity, floral
  • Pure Caribbean (best-seller) : "hotel scent", light floral, powdery
  • White Tea and Freesia - floral, calming, elegant
  • Ginger Lily - warm, oriental, floral 
  • Nectarine and Honey - sweet, fruity, floral
  • Green Tea - green, light, citrus

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