• Gift Ideas That Keep on Giving

    Truth be told, there's something about seeing those you love excitedly unwrapped their gifts you thoughtfully chose and light up in thankfulness! W...
  • 5 Essentials That Keep Me Fit, Healthy, and Motivated During Quarantine

    I don’t know about you, but staying fit, healthy, and motivated during quarantine has been getting increasingly difficult. But thankfully, I’ve fou...
  • Making the Small Things Count

    With the first -ber month coming to an end, and the new year draws closer, it can be difficult to think about what lies ahead of us. Sometimes all we need to do to shift our perspective is to start with the small things, the simple joys that spark meaning into in our lives. 

  • What is Slow and Sustainable Fashion?

    Slow and sustainable products have an aspect that is personal, homegrown, and works closely with nearby neighborhoods and communities.  There's something beautiful and nostalgic when you wear or have something that reminds you of your hometown, a virtue that you uphold, or a cause you advocate. 
  • Don't forget to breathe. 🌾

    Don't Forget to Breathe. Have you been holding your breath for better news these past few months? If you are like...
  • Our Role in This Crisis

    If you’d like to give donations and make a difference without having to leave your home, here’s a summary of some relief initiatives that anyone can take part in to help our front liners, patients, everyday workers, underprivileged communities, small business owners, and anyone who has been greatly affected by the spread of this virus. 
  • Conditioned to Crowds

    Small Town Folk is a campaign by Frankie and Friends General Store that encourages you to go back to the drawing board and create from your inherent small town stories brought about by this time of reflection in the silence of your homes and hearts. It is a call to rekindle what brings you joy by embracing grassroots, what is familiar and primal, your Why. It could be in the form of writing, singing, drawing, doing, praying, rallying, or just being—however best identifies you.