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Local Weaves


Celebrate and preserve the stories of our indigenous  communities. Featured in this collection are small-batch items using local weaving techniques and traditional patterns such as Kantarines, Inabel, Itneg, Binakol and more. By supporting products using local weaves, we are not only promoting local sustainable culsture, but we are contributing to the livelihood of various weaving communities.

Handwoven Square Pillow


Handwoven Kidney Pillow


Dayang Jacket


Dayang Knee Jacket


Jusi Sleeveless with Flower Details


Jusi Short Sleeve Embroidered Dress


Jusi Spaghetti Strap with Belt


Jusi Spaghetti Strap


Jusi Trench Jacket


Jusi Sleeveless Applique Top


Jusi Sleeveless Dress


Jusi Button Down Top


Kakai Tote Bag


Kalinga Lounge Top




Bagobo Men's Cotton Shorts


Marawi Casual Top


Solihiya Nena Tote


Annette Tote


Embroidered Nena Tote


Round Solihiya Hand Bag


Hannah Tote Bag


Kakanin Note Cards


Joanna Solohiya Clutch


Bea Solihiya Clutch


Solihiya Bucket Sling Bag


Una Jacket in Navy/Brown


Sofia Set