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Our collection of one-of-a-kind handmade bags are sure conversation starters. These pieces are designed and created with intention in small batches. Enjoy a range of stylish bags from -- Pouches, Sling Bags, and Totes.

Full Leather Roller Bag


Solihiya Roller Bag


Mini Solihiya Roller


Solihiya Belt Bag


Solihiya Belt Bag


Solihiya Sling


Solihiya Doctors Bag


Solihiya Hammock Bag


Solihiya Square Tote


Noa Crossbody Sling


Noa Everyday Tote


Sia Clutch Sling


Sia Shopper Tote


Sia Two Way Tote


Bread Bag


Cylinder Sling Bag


Sling Box


Suede Tote


Vessels Sling


Donya Bag


Bucket Sling Bag


Bilog Pouch


Aldaw Day bag


Flora Bucket Bag


Hardinera Tote


Oriental Pouch


Tala Kid's Bag


Caja Tote