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Concrete Propagation Vessel


Speckled Propagation Vessel


Plant & Garden Kits


Clear 1L Watering Can


Flower Power - Foliar Plant Fertilizer


Jungle Fuel - Basal Plant Fertilizer


Jungle Mix - Soilless Potting Mix


Tillandsia Air Plants


Minimalist Plant Pot (Medium)


One To Tree: Add To Nature


Minimalist Plant Pot (Large)


Indoor Plant in Mud Pots


Rattan Bike Planter


Microgreens Grow Kit (Arugula & Red Acre Cabbage)


Osmocote Fertilizer


Organic Plant Spray Refill


Organic Plant Booster


Organic Plant Spray 250ml


Organic Plant Spray 500ml


Kenya Abaca Basket in Black and White


Set of 3 Binibini Abaca Planter/Organizer Baskets


Pothos in Terracotta Clay Pot


Wandering Jew in Terracotta Clay Pot


Lucky Bamboo in Terracotta Clay Pot


Money Tree in Terracotta Clay Pot


Dwarf Sansevieria Snake Plant in Terracotta Clay Pot


White Syngonium in Terracotta Clay Pot


Whale Fin in Large Terracotta Clay Pot