Learning Center for Frankie Brand Center





How do I check my Inventory?

  1. In the menu section, select 'Inventory'
  2. You will now be able to view the detailed summary of your inactive and active products with Frankie General Store.

How do I add products?

Note: Adding a new product will be used for generating barcodes, deliveries and restocks.

Disclaimer: Please note that by uploading your product photos and descriptions, you are agreeing to adhere to the Terms and Conditions found in the contract and consenting to the use of these photos for Frankie General Store collaterals (ie.: online store product photos, Instagram and Facebook photos, marketing posters, and the like).

  1. At the menu section select Action Request, and select Add a New Product
  2. Click on Add Product button at the upper leftmost.
  3. Input the Product name. Please do not include your brand name.
  4. For the Description box, input your description in bullet-points.
  • Include your item's best selling points, useful information such as the material used, place of origin, the community you support, etc.
  • A few sentences can be allotted to explain the community or cause your brand supports, but product descriptions should be kept to bullet points.
  • Please also include the dimensions and/or size guide of your product by adding a table to the description, or uploading a photo of your dimensions and/or size guide.

5. Upload image of your product. Please take note of our curation guidelines.

6. Fill up Category of your product.

7. Fill up Product Tag. Select from the suggested options only. The tag must fall under the correct "Product Type" for your product to properly appear on our website. Kindly review our breakdown of tags below.

8. The Product Variants section will take note of the variations of your product.

  • Start with inputting the title, then choose the applicable options in terms of color, material, size and style.
  • For the SKU, create a unique SKU for your item. Note: our website doesn't allow similar SKUs, so it's crucial that each variant has a distinct identifier.
  • To input weight details of your products, add the number and weight unit separately. See reference photo below:

9. Click Add Variant.

10. If your product has different variety, incorporate them into the same process.

11. Once you're done adding all product variants, click Shopify Sync

How do I Deliver and Re-stock?

  1. At the menu section select Action Request, and select Delivery and Re-stock button
  2. Click Add Delivery and Re-stock button at the upper leftmost
  3. Select the delivery location
  4. Please indicate if you'll re-stock product or deliver new product
  5. Select the product that you will restock/deliver.
  6. Select variant
  7. Select item size
  8. Indicate the stock quantity to be delivered
  9. Set a delivery date of when you'll bring in the products
  10. For the additional notes section, we advise to indicate in the notes section if certain products needs to have certain handling requirements.
  11. Before clicking submit, make sure that you have generated barcodes for your products.
  12. Click Submit
  13. After clicking Submit button, you'll be able to print barcodes for you products
  14. Print DR to be used once you deliver your items in store.

*If you have another delivery for a different location, please repeat the same process.

How do I Pull-out items?

  1. At the menu section, select Action Request
  2. Select Pull Out
  3. Click 'Add Pull Out' button
  4. Select the Pull-Out location, and indicate your reason for pull-out (Replace stock, Scheduled Pull out, End of Contract, End of Location Contract). For other reasons for pull-out, kindly specify your reason for pull out.
  5. Select product, variant and quantity of items that you're going to pull out.
  6. Select pull out date
  7. Click Submit button

How can I access my Sales Report?

  1. In the Menu, select Sales Report
  2. Specify the month and year you want to have a detailed sales report in.
  3. Click Get Report button
  4. View the detailed Monthly Sales Summary below.

Is it possible to request for same day delivery?

You have the option to select, “Book Your Rider” at the check-out section which usually takes two (2) working days for us to merge and fulfill your order. 

It would also depend on the availability of the product/s and the stores they will be coming from especially if the order has multiple items. Please refer to the question on items that are not readily available.

Do you accept returns/exchanges?

Should you change your mind about your purchases, provided that the item is unused and unopened and does not fall under the Non-Returnable items list, you can exchange the product for another product under the same Brand Partner within Seven (7) days of purchase inclusive of the delivery time to the warehouse. All shipping fees will be covered by the customer. A confirmation SMS must be sent by our customer service representative to confirm the exchange. 

If purchased in-store:

Please present your transaction receipt upon your request. The store and the brands reserve the right to deny the return if these conditions are not met.

For more info, you may refer to our Returns & Exchanges Policy page.

Can I place a bulk order for Corporate Giveaways, Weddings, and the like?

Yes we love working with other businesses and special occasions. We accommodate wholesale orders and apply additional discounts accordingly. 

You can customize a curation that suits your company's needs or your special event. Our platform is home to over 20,000+ products from different categories. If you want us to help you browse through our catalog, send us an email at shop@frankiegeneralstore.com