Ava & Ava Eco-Luxe Linens

100% Linen Bread Bag




  • A bag for better bread. Like the French, keep artisan bread in a breathable linen bag that not only looks good on your counter but also maintains the crisp crust, fights mold and bacteria, and keeps bread fresh a bit longer than in plastic. 
  • Versatile. Ideal for artisan bakers, shopping at a local bakery, as space-saving freezer bags, or roll down edges to serve bread in.
  • Thoughtful giving. Perfect way to present the gift of fresh bread!

  • 100% organic stonewashed linen
  • Most durable natural textile & gets stronger with use
  • Naturally antimicrobial & antibacterial
  • Keeps food at optimal temperature and humidity

  • Loop for hanging
  • Simple tie enclosure for a tighter and more flexible fit
  • 12" x 17" — perfect for artisan loaves, rolls, pastries
  • Handmade in the Philippines

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