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2in1 Terracotta Mosquito Coil Holder and Candle Oil Burner


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Its time to Protect your Family from Mosquito Bites.  
We're not just in the business of aesthetics. We also take your mood and well-being seriously. So we, at All In Red Clay Factory, make sure that our finest collection of Mosquito Coil Holders are made only from Earth's most organic materials shaped and etched exclusively by our seasoned potters.
How to use:
Lift the lid to open the Coil Holder & remove any debris from leftover coils. 
Place a lit coil on the holder. 
Enjoy Mosquito free for 6-8 hrs.

What's in a box?

1 Coil Holder
1 15ml oil
1 pack 8pcs tealight candle
2 boxes bamboo charcoal

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