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Amianan Wide-Leg Silk Pants




Our AMIANAN wide-leg pants are made of matte charmeuse silk, a more expensive and durable upgrade to the commonly used flimsy satin. Our silk is also softer and a better insulator, with a muted sheen that makes it look more elegant.


We have incorporated the inabel weave in the AMIANAN pants' trim. Inabel, which means handwoven or hand-loomed, is an indigenous textile from the Northern Philippines.


The AMIANAN pants feature the Binakol weave from Ilocos region, characterized by a geometric pattern of squares and rectangles. The effect gives an optical illusion of movement as if a circle is radiating or expanding outward. Binakol’s distinct pattern is meant to represent the wind (alipugpog) and the waves (kurikos/kusikos), believed by elders to drive away malevolent spirits.


The AMIANAN pants were designed to be versatile enough to be worn high-, mid-, or low-rise; so you can fully relax and indulge during your vacation or when simply lounging at home--as you should, without compromising fit and style.


It is ultrawide-legged for maximum comfort, movement, and airflow; and ultimately, comes extra long so you can wear it with platform shoes. Make no mistake, our AMIANAN wide-leg pants are UNISEX and best paired with our AMIANAN kimono top, but can also be paired with staple pieces in your wardrobes such as a tank top or shirt.


The pants also feature two deep side pockets to keep your small personal belongings handy at all times; and an aptly gartered thick waistband.


You can wear the AMIANAN pants to the beach, to a party, at home, in the mall, or wherever you please to. Feel free to do whatever you want in the AMIANAN wide-leg silk pants.


Size Waist Hips Length
Small-Medium 26-30" 45" 41"
Large-XL 31-35" 48" 42"

For this design, we only make 5 pieces for each color per size every production run. We produce each garment in batches of limited quantities to avoid overproduction, unwanted inventory, and to minimize textile waste.

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