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Atmosphere Mist Lavender


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For years, Lavender has been used to soothe the mind and purify the senses. 
Our Lavender Atmosphere Room Spray then makes use of its mood-boosting properties and disperses them onto a wider area, turning your home into a calming oasis.
Each spritz of our Lavender Atmosphere Room Spray contains Sugarcane Extract Alcohol, Distilled Water, and 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil. While Lavender can help *inhibit the growth of fungi and other microbes, paired with Sugarcane Extract Alcohol, it serves as a powerful deodorizer and disinfectant. But Lavender's greatest benefit lies in its **effects on the central nervous system, thanks to its healing compounds. 
To use, give your rooms, linens, and pillows a quick spritz to avail of its calming and purifying scent. Can also double as a disinfecting spray. 

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