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Balancing Body Mist - Kapha


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Fragrance is a form of art that integrates science and creativity to create aromas that can stimulate the body and mind. A scent is a combination of different fragrant notes, each has its distinct scent signature. Understanding each of the different types of perfume notes is essential for selecting a fragrance that is appropriate for your character. Kapha Balancing Mist is a thoughtfully crafted blend designed to balance Kapha Dosha.  Infused with refreshing elements like grapefruit, vetiver, and eucalyptus, this mist offers a lively and uplifting experience.  Its light and stimulating nature make it ideal for refreshing the senses and promoting a sense of vitality.  The body mist helps dispel feelings of sluggishness and congestion associated with Kapha imbalance.  Incorporating this body mist into your everyday routine can foster a sense of balance for those seeking to harmonize with their Kapha constitution.

Best to use: Use after a bath, before meditation, or after yoga to set the intention to focus.  Keep it in your bag for a post-workout pick-me-up!

Fragrance Guide:

Top Note: Masculine and Earthy

Heart Note: Herbaceous, Slightly Bitter, and Fresh

Base Note: Rich and Fruity, a mix of sweet floral, a light touch of powder, and a musky scent.

Fragrance Type: Eau de Toilette can last 4-7 hours.

For a luxurious layering effect, best to pair it with our Balancing Soap. 

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