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Clarity is a Step Away
Clarity Suncatcher
Clarity is a Step Away Suncatcher

    Clarity is a Step Away Suncatcher


      Designed for you to catch daylight when the sun is brightest and informed by the science behind prisms, suncatchers are window decals that disperse light into tiny rainbow flecks around your home and quietly transform the energy around you.


      Our suncatcher is made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials to ensure that with each purchase you can support our local communities as well as get that beautiful rainbow decoration at your homes.

        • Size: 3.3 in x 3.5 in

        • Each suncatcher comes with a plantable spinach seed tag you can care for and grow.

        • 5% of the sale price will directly support Kids for Kids PH x One Million Lights PH’s solar light project. By providing light to Filipino families in off-grid communities, movement towards growth is long-term. One solar light, which lets a family save up to P40 a day, allows them to spend for other necessities like food and medicine.