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Energy Cleansing Smudge KitCleanse your space, set intentions and create positive energy with this high vibe smudge kit. Each kit contains sage stick, palo Santo stick and mini clear quartz pointWhite California Sage Burn white sage to clear energy and restore balance, for protection and spiritual purification.Palo Santo When burned, Palo Santo releases a fragrant smoke which many believe to uplift energy and aid in spiritual purification Use it to promote calm, relieve stress, and bring love and good fortune to your space Burn it before meditation, to clear thoughts and concentrate  Palo Santo - Set of 3  Includes 3 Palo Santo Sticks Burning Instructions: Light a candle and hold the tip of the palo santo stick over the flame until it is lit. Blow out the flame and allow to smolder Wave the stick around yourself or walk around your space and let the smoke waft through corners and small spaces. Extinguish the sage by pressing the light onto a ceramic bowl or pot until the light wears off.

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