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Copy of Katol sa Palayok (Terracotta Mosquito Coil Holder Set)


Hurry! Only 1 left in stock.



It's time to Protect your Family from Mosquito Bites.  

Handmade Terracotta Mosquito Coil holder with Bamboo Charcoal coil incense.
How to use:
Lift the lid to open the Coil Holder & remove any debris from leftover coils. 
Place a lit coil on the holder. 
Enjoy Mosquito free for 6-8 hrs.

What's inside the box? 

1 Terracotta coil holder
1 box Citronella Lavender*
1 box Citronella Eucalyptus*

* 1 box contains  5 x 2 coils


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