Boochamama Craft Kombucha

Craft Kombucha Gift Box




Meet our eco-friendly Booch Box!

Thoughtfully created without plastic linings for easy recycling/composting.

Made from fermented organic green tea, our kombucha is packed with naturally produced probiotics and antioxidants that will help your gut healthy and your immune system strong.

Plus, it's naturally low in sugar and calories, so you can enjoy it without any guilt.

But don't let the health benefits fool you - our kombucha is also a party powerhouse and the perfect addition to your celebrations!

Mix it into your favorite cocktails for a refreshing twist, or enjoy it on its own as a tasty alcohol alternative.

With a variety of flavors to choose from, like Peach Aćai, Mango Lavender, and Ginger Berry, there's something for everyone.

So why settle for boring, sugary drinks?

Make the switch to our tasty kombucha and have a truly classy, gut-friendly drinking experience.



6  x 350 ml Boochamama Craft Kombucha (choose flavors in store)
1 x Gift Ready Craft Box Carrier (compostable)
1 x Gift Tag

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