Halia Overnight Pads 1-Pack - Biodegradable - 8pcs/pack


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Extra support for extra heavy nights. These pads are highly absorbent and leak-proof, so you’ll sleep soundly without staining those sheets. And no matter how much you toss or turn, your pads will stay in place.

☁️ No icky-plastic-y feeling

☁️ Keeps you dry

☁️ Perfect for sensitive skin

Halia premium biodegradable pads are made from supersoft, organic bamboo for your ultimate comfort and wellness.

🌱 Plastic-free, chemical-free

🤸‍♀️ Comfortable and breathable

🧡 Perfect for sensitive skin

🌸 Product Details

Biodegradable Organic Pads

Count: 8 pcs in a pack

Size: 350mm = 35cm

Format: Ultra-thin with wings + side leak guard

Absorbency in range: 5/5

Material: Supersoft organic bamboo, breathable corn fibers

Supports your extra heavy flow!

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