Love & Light Co.

Joy of Pursuit Planner




A highly-functional productivity tool that includes multiple features that help in goal-setting, habit-building, financial management, and daily organization. More than that, its uplifting written content and journaling pages serve as a constant reminder to approach life with purpose and to anchor oneself on what matters most and what makes one thrive. It's a reminder to view productivity from an angle that honors one's own inner compass and mental and emotional health.


- hardbound, 6x8 inches
- undated
- 288 pages
- Journaling pages with prompts for reflection & mindfulness
- Yearly goal setting page
- Monthly goal setting pages
- Monthly calendar schedule
- To-do list sections
- Weekly reflection sections
- Daily gratitude lists
- Monthly habit trackers
- Financial tracker
- 52 Blank pages for journaling and notes
- 30+ pages of empowering written content from Love & Light Co.

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